Who is dj pauly d dating


Who Is Dj Pauly D Dating

Who Is DJ Pauly D Dating?


In the world of celebrities and reality TV, DJ Pauly D has gained quite a following. Known for his vibrant personality, signature hairstyle, and love for music, he has become a household name. With his rise to fame, many are curious about his dating life. So, who is DJ Pauly D dating? Let's explore the romantic escapades of this talented DJ.

The Past Relationships of DJ Pauly D

DJ Pauly D, whose real name is Paul DelVecchio, has had his fair share of romantic relationships in the public eye. One of his most notable relationships was with fellow reality TV star Aubrey O'Day. The pair met on the reality show "Famously Single" and went on to date for nearly two years before calling it quits. Their relationship was highly publicized, as they even appeared on the reality show "Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars."

The Current Girlfriend of DJ Pauly D

As of [current year], DJ Pauly D is reportedly dating Nikki Hall. Hall is known for her appearance on the reality show "Double Shot at Love," where she competed for DJ Pauly D's heart. Although they didn't end up together on the show, the couple reconnected off-screen and have been in a relationship since then.

How Did DJ Pauly D and Nikki Hall Meet?

DJ Pauly D and Nikki Hall first met on the set of "Double Shot at Love," a reality dating competition show. The show featured a group of women vying for DJ Pauly D and fellow DJ Vinny Guadagnino's affection. Although Nikki didn't win DJ Pauly D's heart on the show, their chemistry was evident, leading to their post-show relationship.

The Strength of their Relationship

DJ Pauly D and Nikki Hall's relationship has proven to be strong, with the couple consistently posting pictures together on social media. They have been supportive of each other's endeavors, attending each other's events and sharing their love with their fans. Their shared passion for reality TV has also become a major point of connection.

What Does the Future Hold?

While it's only natural to wonder what the future holds for DJ Pauly D's love life, it's important to remember that relationships are fluid. As of now, DJ Pauly D and Nikki Hall seem happy together and are enjoying each other's company. They continue to support each other in their careers and personal lives, but only time will tell what lies ahead for this couple.


So, who is DJ Pauly D dating? Currently, DJ Pauly D is in a relationship with Nikki Hall, a fellow reality TV star. Their love story started on the set of "Double Shot at Love" and has continued off-screen, with the couple supporting and enjoying each other's company. While it's uncertain what the future holds, fans are excited to see this dynamic duo thrive in love and life together.

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