Who is jordan sparks dating


Who Is Jordan Sparks Dating

Who is Jordan Sparks Dating?

Jordan Sparks, the talented American singer, songwriter, and actress, has been a subject of curiosity amongst her fans when it comes to her dating life. Let's take a closer look and explore the question: who is Jordan Sparks dating?

Love and Relationships

Jordan Sparks, known for her enchanting voice and charismatic personality, has had a few public relationships throughout her career. One of her most prominent relationships was with fellow singer Jason Derulo back in 2014. The couple seemed inseparable, attending various events together and even collaborating on music. However, after three years of dating, they announced their split in 2017.

Following her breakup with Derulo, Sparks opted to focus on herself and her career. But, as fate would have it, love found its way back into her life.

The Current Relationship

As of the most recent updates, Jordan Sparks is dating a handsome fitness enthusiast named Dana Isaiah. Sparks and Isaiah began their relationship in 2017, soon after her breakup with Derulo.

This love story blossomed quickly and beautifully. In November 2017, news broke that Sparks and Isaiah had secretly tied the knot. Despite the surprising nature of their nuptials, the couple seemed incredibly happy and in love.

Isaiah, a former college basketball player turned fitness model, has not only captured Sparks' heart but also embraced the role of a loving father. In May 2018, the couple welcomed their first child, a son named Dana Isaiah Thomas Jr., affectionately called DJ.

A Strong and Supportive Relationship

Jordan Sparks and Dana Isaiah often express their love for each other through social media. Their posts are filled with admiration for one another and their beautiful family.

It is evident that Sparks and Isaiah have a strong and supportive relationship. Despite their busy schedules, they make time for each other and their son, and their bond only seems to grow stronger with time.

Sparks frequently mentions the positive impact Isaiah has had on her life, describing him as her rock and the one who makes her feel safe and loved. They continue to inspire each other as they pursue their individual careers while also nurturing their marriage and parenthood.


So, who is Jordan Sparks dating? Currently, she is happily married to the love of her life, Dana Isaiah. Their relationship is built on a foundation of love, support, and a shared passion for their growing family.

Although Sparks may be known for her soaring vocals and sensational performances, her personal life is just as captivating. Her relationship with Isaiah is a reminder that love can find us when we least expect it, and it can propel us to new heights.

As fans, we wish Jordan Sparks and Dana Isaiah continued love and happiness in their journey together, and we look forward to witnessing their beautiful love story unfold.